With the doors firmly closed during the three lockdowns business has been particularly challenging
for the Odyssey. The Odyssey continues to receive support funding from the various Government
schemes. However, even with the support The Odyssey is running at a loss currently and it has put in
place a number of actions to safeguard the future of the cinema.

Townstone’s proposed planning application for the site has been consulted on and agreed with the
Odyssey and has the approval and backing of the Odyssey’s directors.

The proposals have been designed to preserve and enhance the building as well as the surrounding area. When and if built, the proposal will be a welcome architectural addition to the Art Deco design of the Odyssey.

If planning permission is granted, the financial proceeds from the proposal will not only help secure
the Odyssey’s future but also the continued vibrancy of London Road and the local neighbourhood.

If you would like to support the planning application, you can do so by filling out the form provided at the bottom of the page (click here). Alternatively, you can submit a representation and see all of the application documents on the St Albans and District Council planning portal by clicking here

Townstone is a St Albans based development company with a track record for delivering conservation schemes

A brief outline...

The Odyssey owns the site. The Odyssey and the Applicant discussed and agreed how a scheme might be devised and what its aims and objectives should be. They are:

  • To generate a land value which will provide much needed finds for the Odyssey to help it survive the adverse effects on its business brought about by the global pandemic

  • To improve the appearance of the East Elevation of the existing Odyssey Building

  • To propose architecture which is in keeping with and is sympathetic to the existing building. The proposal should preserve and enhance the Odyssey Building and local area

  • To create a proposal which functions independently of the cinema and which will not affect the operation of the cinema 

  • To consult and engage with stakeholders (including the Odyssey itself) in the formulation of the design

The East Elevation will be greatly improved with the development proposals

If you would like to support our planning application, you can do so by using the form below. The information you provide will be stored by St Albans District Council for the planning application.